Custom Float Design for Tight Interface / Dirty Service

Always Engineered for Your Service

Jogler’s engineers are up to the challenge, even if your process has stumped other magnetic liquid level gauge manufacturers in the past. All of our JMG Series Magnetic Liquid Level Indicators are custom engineered specifically for your process. July’s technical note will detail how Jogler was able to deliver an engineered solution for a customer in need.

The Problem

A customer had a process requiring liquid level measurement of a very tight interface of fluids with heavy buildup. Other manufacturers were not able to successfuly help the customer with this problem, so Jogler engineers jumped at the opportunity.

Process Details:

0.921 SG / 0.971 SG Interface Level Measurement Required
Dirty Process Fluid with High Level of Build-Up
MAWP/MAWT: 1150 kPag / 94 °C (166.8 psig / 201.2 °F)

The Solution

With such a tight interface measurement, Jogler engineers knew that a float design with a large volume would be required for the customer. After running the calculations, Jogler determined that a 6” OD x 12” long float would allow the interface level to be measured appropriately. To ensure that heavy build-up would not affect the float weight and travel, the float was coated in Teflon-S non-stick coating. Finally, the product engineers wanted to safeguard the customer against the possibility that the upper and lower fluid specific gravities may change slightly from what was initially provided. To give the customer the ability to adjust the float’s weight, Jogler engineers designed the float with a custom coupling and plug, so that if needed, the customer could add or remove weight from the float.

No matter how challenging, you can count on Jogler to provide PREMIER LEVEL PRODUCTS for all of your liquid level needs!

Custom Interface Float. (8.5x11" Brochure to Show Scale)

Custom Interface Float. (8.5x11" Brochure to Show Scale)

Custom Magnet Assembly for 6” Float

Custom Magnet Assembly for 6” Float