Sight Flow Indicator 

Direct-Reading Site Flow Indicators 
Exclusive, Patented Features for Maximum
Safety and Zero Maintenance

Jogler Direct-Reading Flow Indicators are the simplest, most reliable way to observe liquid or solids flow without compromising the integrity of your piping system. All models are available in either armored styles for protection in exposed locations or lantern styles for 360-degree viewing.

Simple, Reliable, and Maintenance-Free 

Jogler flow indicators are simple: the only components (not including mounting hardware) are the armored shield or lantern cage, the sight tubing, and two self-sealing Super-Seal inserts. These products are maintenance-free, because only the Teflon Super-Seal inserts and the borosilicate sight tubing are exposed to process fluids. Once they are installed, they do not have to be removed and disassembled for inspection or cleaning. Standard shields are epoxy-coated carbon steel.


SuperSeal Inserts for Permanent, Stress-Free Sealing 

All Jogler flow indicators incorporate patented PTFE Teflon Super-Seal inserts, which seal on the outside diameter, not the ends, of the sight tube. Since the tube is free to move within the Super-Seal without leaking, stresses caused by differential expansion between the sight tube and the housing are eliminated. There are no elastomer seals or o-rings to inspect and replace: Super-Seal inserts last the life of the sight tubing.

Wide Range of Sizes

Jogler flow indicators are available in diameters up to 8 inches. Standard lengths are 8 and 12 inches; lengths up to 72 inches are available.

Jogler Quality Program

Jogler flow indicators are quality ensured to exceed performance requirements with maintenance-free service. Jogler�s Quality Program (JQP) is based on national (ANSI/ASQC) and international (ISO 9001) guidelines. The JQP monitors product quality and preserves material traceability. Systematic reviews of vendors, materials, processes, aand product construction are consistently evaluated by management for improvement through technical innovation.

Factory Mutual Approved

Most Jogler flow indicators are approved by the Factory Mutual System.

Easy Installation 

Jogler flow indicators are shipped fully assembled for easy installation. 

Options and Accessories

Many options and accessories are available:

·       Sanitary Fittings

·       Custom Designs

·       Tube in tube design 

·       Illuminators