You count on your magnetic level gauges to give reliable, accurate readings. But anyone who has ever used a magnetic level gauge is familiar with their common shortcomings: indicator flags that fall out, magnetic signal interruptions that prevent readings, and floats that break or get crushed.

Manufacturers have known about these issues for years, but no one designed a better magnetic level gauge … until now.


Indicator flags that won’t fall out

Jogler re-designed and re-engineered the classic magnetic level gauge, using a unique two-piece male/female flag rail design and injection-molded Ryton flags doped with ferrite particles to ensure that the indicator flags never fall out under normal operating conditions. The result is a gauge that can be read correctly the first time – every time.




Reliable, constant readings

Unlike other manufacturers, Jogler uses 360-degree neodymium magnets in its floats, eliminating “dead zones” that create signal interruptions and prevent accurate readings. No matter which way it rotates inside the chamber, a Jogler float will always deliver a reading.





Smarter design to prevent float damage

Float failures almost always occur at a weld or the heat-affected zone of a weld, so Jogler uses custom “deep-drawn” float halves, allowing the float to be constructed with only one weld. This reduces the likelihood of stress cracking and float failure. Jogler floats are also designed with 75g minimum of extra buoyancy to prevent “hanging up” or sticking in chambers with slight obstructions or heavy fouling.

To minimize chamber breakage and prevent float damage, Jogler uses extruded outlets to weld branch connections on its magnetic level gauges. Every chamber is designed to ANSI B31.1 and B31.3 specifications.



Retrofitting to improve existing gauges

Even if you aren’t using Jogler JMG-series magnetic level gauges, Jogler will retrofit floats and transmitters to help improve the performance of your existing gauges. In fact, Jogler will retrofit floats for any manufacturer's magnetic level gauge! We have shipped more than 200 to date. 


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