Magnetic Level Indicators

The Highest Visibility Level Indicators On The Market

  • Wide Bar Graph or Single Tracker Style
  • Anodized Aluminum or 316SS Enclosure
  • Visible from 200 feet
  • Hermetically Sealed, No Maintenance
  • Low cost of ownership

Single Tracker (ST) Indicator:

  • 3/4" width for maximum visibility
  • Orange Shuttle Indicator
  • Standard or custom rulers in stainless steel

Standard Bar Graph

  • 3/4" width for maximum visibility
  • Bright Yellow flags
  • Orange colors available
  • Standard or custom rulers in stainless steel
  • Field replaceable
  • Hermetically sealed tube

Wide Bar Graph:

  • Stacking Flag Design, Magnetically interconnected
  • Temperature Rating -200°F to +1000°F
  • 1.5" width for maximum visibility
  • Solid, One-Piece Magnetic Flags
  • Bright Yellow is Standard Color
  • Other colors available
  • Flag assembly will not expand, contract,
    deform or corrode


  • Standard Scale is Feet and Inches
  • Metric, Percentage, and Volumetric Scales are available
  • Standard Material is Photo-etched Stainless Steel
  • 3½" - Wide Acrylic Scales are available


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